Things I’ve read

So, I read a lot of blogs and news articles and other stuff. I thought I’d start throwing some of the better things on the blog as a sort of archive or recommended reading. Definitely edited – leaving out a lot (but not all) of the embarrassing stuff (*cough* gawker *cough*).

I should prooobably put in a disclaimer that none of this stuff necessarily relates to my personal views or my life in general. Just curiosity and a series of clicks.

And with that, –

“Separate beds are liberating” 

Couples who sleep apart are healthier, have happier marriages and strong sex lives. So why cling to spooning?

“We have pubic hair for a reason”

The new shaving craze leaves us vulnerable to all manner of physical ailments

“Secrecy Creep” 

Executive branch agencies have learned well from the Obama administration’s fixation on punishing whistleblowers

Muppet Wikia

Mr. Snuffleupagus – got here after googling how to spell this and ended with a trip down memory lane. He’s def my favorite Sesame Street character.

Not For Sale

Romania – yaay anti-trafficking initiatives. PS used to live in Romania.

NYT – depressing

“Criminalizing Photography”

Literally every day, someone is being arrested for doing nothing more than taking a photograph in a public place.

I also clicked through a lot of the stories referenced in the interview. Saaad.

NPR – Kind of funny

“Leader Of Anti-Semitic Party In Hungary Discovers He’s Jewish”

“Understanding the Dangers of ‘Ego-Depletion’”

I’ve always suspected that we start each day with a limited number of decision-making points that, once depleted, leave us cognitively impaired. This is part of the reason that automating minutiae, adopting rituals, and applying creativity only where it’s most valuable (e.g. not deciding what to eat for breakfast) is so important to me. – This is a real horror story, but pretty entertaining. I highly recommend clicking the link to the actual letter they sent to United.

“United Airlines Lost My Friend’s 10 Year Old Daughter And Didn’t Care”

Sometimes I like to read about feminist issues in the tech world. I don’t really have anything to do with the tech world, but I find it interesting. The Geek Feminism Wiki also has some great analyses of particular constructs and how to respond to them (like “women weren’t the intended audience,” “you should be flattered,” “you don’t have to read it,” and the problems of a “sexualized environment”) – fun idea

“Red/Yellow Card Project”

Defcon, if you’re not aware, is the worlds largest hacker conference. It takes place every summer in Las Vegas. It is a place for hackers of all types to come together for a bit of fun, learning, and partying. Unfortunately it can also be a frustrating place for women, who are often the target of harassment.

More Geek Feminism – where I started that lead me on a loooong clicking path.

“Technical Conferences”

Something lighter –

“The 7 Best Pictures Of A Baby Elephant Playing At A Beach Of All Time”

Something really cool – yay for female entrepreneurs!

“Invisible Bike Helmet”

And lastly, an awesome project by a guy who goes to (went to?) my church. I don’t know him. But it’s cool. Back it.

“Shake the Dust – Hip Hop in the most unlikely places” on Kickstarter



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